Tuesday, 29 July 2014

I suppose the question we asked ourselves a couple of years ago simply "Did we want to live our golden years (yes, I know - a dreadful cliché) in the sun? The answer was a resounding "Yes."

For my wife Ann, it was a very brave decision as she had never been to Cyprus before. I had, and had holidayed on Greek Islands for years before we met. Why Cyprus? In the 1970s there was a BBC holiday programme (name long forgotten) that described Cyprus as the island with the most perfect climate in the world, and that statement stuck in my head over the years.

The research into life on Cyprus in the 21st Century was all-consuming at times, and the information we picked up (and the ill-informed opinions promulgated on some of the "expat" forums) was what caused me to decide to write a retirement guide to the island.

Nearly two years down the line, and with solid experience to inform us, the idea grew and grew. We had kept and published a diary of our preparations before coming to Cyprus, and also a diary in the months after we arrived. But, what was missing, was reliable information (not tarnished by sometimes ill-informed opinion) to help those who would follow in our wake.

In the coming weeks and perhaps months, that information will be organised and checked so that our retirement guide will hopefully be a reference work for those who wish to retire to the sun, with the minimum of stress.

Cost of living, the political situation, the banking crisis, simple "How do I do this?" guides, and "Where do I go to do this?" and "Who do I see to get this done?" will be a part of my ebook. Renting or buying? Buying a car, or importing a car. The health service as it is and what it is likely to become. Tax, pensions, learning to speak Cypriot Greek, driving (and the advanced driving course I have undertaken) and a whole myriad  of other questions will be dealt with.

And not forgetting that things change and will change as a result of the Troika, this ebook will be updated as and when important changes are made.

Moving to a new country is a terrific adventure ... so I hope you will benefit from this venture as much as I will enjoy doing it. Feel free to comment and ask questions. The water is lovely. Come on in.

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