Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas in the sun

It just cannot be beaten - sitting by the pool and waiting to go out for an eagerly-awaited lunch with friends. Just time to wish a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all who follow this blog. Once January arrives it will be time to get my head down and finish my ebook. To be honest the weather this December has militated against any sort of worthy endeavour.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Innocent until proven guilty

When injustice occurs, no-one seems to care - family or friends. Falsely accused of murder by some pompous policeman, all my friends and family turned their backs on me and not a word of sympathy. So beware ... go to Gracie Towers to take part in a Murder Mystery Evening, and despite the marvellous hospitality, they are all out to get you.

That aside, a marvellous evening with great friends and superb food. Many thanks and we shall remember the fun and games (and dodgy shenanigans) for a long time.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

This can't be Christmas, can it?

December 21st and sitting by the pool with blue sky, sunshine and a t-shirt on ... and in four days' time it will be Christmas. This is our third Christmas in Cyprus and December weather has been just heavenly. 19°C in the shade and just bliss.

Having fun over the last few days with our internet tv box, as I was thought I really needed a keyboard and mouse to control all its functions. But, out of nowhere, I found an app on the Apple Store called the XBMC official controller. I downloaded it and found a video on YouTube which showed me how to link it with the TV box.  Wow! I can now control all the functions of the box from my iPad, and bring up a virtual keyboard to type in text (useful for searching for films). The cost - nil. There are some very generous people in the XBMC world.

Becky S. returns this evening from a brief break in Paphos with her friend Alice. She flew over to Cyprus on Thursday and returns today. No doubt they both had a wonderful time. And it must have made a great break from staying with "her Olds". At least that was how were referred to on Facebook. Tomorrow we visit Gracie Towers for a Murder Mystery Evening, and who knows what other shenanigans.

The weather for Christmas Day is set fair, and we are heading to Latchi with the Gracies for lunch at Faros. And then, Boxing Day, with Scrabble, Becky planning a midday swim in fancy dress to raise money for the hospice (note: make sure the video camera is fully charged), and then Roast Pork in the middle of the afternoon. Boxing Day Night concludes with one of Becky's favourite films, Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

What a way to spend a traditional Christmas here in sunny Cyprus.

Monday, 15 December 2014

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Things change quickly and it never seems to amaze me that, when you are convinced that things are set in stone, how wrong you can be.

People change, their moods swing from high to low, and nobody ever has the bottle to say "Hold on a second but things have changed." Instead people pretend that things are the same as they always have been, and that is where misunderstandings occur.

I'm actually quite fed up with that, and I just wish people would be more upfront and honest. My New Year's Resolution is not to let things drift and to actually say what I believe and feel. In the long run we'll all be happier, won't we?

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Stormy weather

With the swimming pool overflowing with the amount of rain that has failed in the last couple of days, and with thunder and lightning (and giant hailstones as well), life never fails to be interesting. And, in a fine show, Rebecca S. swam in the pool in DECEMBER ... I hope insanity does not run in the family.

Tomorrow I drive Jill down to the hospital to pick up John, who is being discharged at last. I suspect he will be in good spirits and hospitals can be so boring - despite the bed baths. I'll drive back from Paphos and Ann will follow me up from Argaka to Pomos, so that we can deliver them both safely home. Sadly their trip back to the UK has had to be postponed but there's always next time.

The rebirth of RoADAR, with much gnashing of teeth, took place on Thursday in a mega meeting in Kissonerga. I never thought it would end. But, and I'm holding my breath here, the organisation will recover and get back to doing what it was set up to do - promoting better and safer driving in Cyprus and, perhaps, I might even be able to take my advanced driving test at last (which has been on hold since the end of July). I suspect a couple of refresher sessions with Mike will be necessary before the test. Not being overly competitive, I do want to qualify for the gold medal as my chum, Dave, only managed the silver.

So there we are. Good news and hope for the future.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Great News

I'm writing this from the Iasis Hospital in Paphos, where John and Jill have had great news this morning. John's liver biopsy shows that the cirrhosis that was identified by the surgeon last week is in the very early stages. He was told that, if he doesn't let another drop of alcohol pass his lips, it will not affect him. Brilliant news.

At the moment we are waiting to see whether the leak from the liver and bile duct clears up on its own. It is slowing down and we are all hopeful that the procedure he was facing (a stent being fitted) will not be necessary. Fingers crossed and any other bits as well.

Stormy weather was not a problem on the way down to Paphos but Ann tells me they are having a terrific thunderstorm with lightning in Argaka, but it is moving away quickly.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Mystery bug ...

I've been laid low by a mystery bug over the last day or two and it was pretty unpleasant. However all seems better today and I shall just potter around the house.

Tomorrow I am taking our friend Jill to a hospital in Paphos to collect John, who - hopefully - will be discharged. She should also get the results of the biopsy. The surgeon who removed his gall bladder last week found evidence of cirrhosis of the liver, and I just hope that it is not too bad.

Thursday brings the RoADAR meeting in Kissonerga, and an explanation of the malaise that has struck this charitable organisation. I trust that the missing money has been found and the perpetrator is in the custody of the police. Some hard questions may need to be asked.

Friday and a return to hospital with John and Jill to have his stitches removed.

And, in the near future, we shall have to try and support and  help our ex-neighbour, whose partner was found dead at the end of the last week.

Here's hoping for good news all round and a happy ending to one particular story.