Saturday, 13 December 2014

Stormy weather

With the swimming pool overflowing with the amount of rain that has failed in the last couple of days, and with thunder and lightning (and giant hailstones as well), life never fails to be interesting. And, in a fine show, Rebecca S. swam in the pool in DECEMBER ... I hope insanity does not run in the family.

Tomorrow I drive Jill down to the hospital to pick up John, who is being discharged at last. I suspect he will be in good spirits and hospitals can be so boring - despite the bed baths. I'll drive back from Paphos and Ann will follow me up from Argaka to Pomos, so that we can deliver them both safely home. Sadly their trip back to the UK has had to be postponed but there's always next time.

The rebirth of RoADAR, with much gnashing of teeth, took place on Thursday in a mega meeting in Kissonerga. I never thought it would end. But, and I'm holding my breath here, the organisation will recover and get back to doing what it was set up to do - promoting better and safer driving in Cyprus and, perhaps, I might even be able to take my advanced driving test at last (which has been on hold since the end of July). I suspect a couple of refresher sessions with Mike will be necessary before the test. Not being overly competitive, I do want to qualify for the gold medal as my chum, Dave, only managed the silver.

So there we are. Good news and hope for the future.

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