Sunday, 21 December 2014

This can't be Christmas, can it?

December 21st and sitting by the pool with blue sky, sunshine and a t-shirt on ... and in four days' time it will be Christmas. This is our third Christmas in Cyprus and December weather has been just heavenly. 19°C in the shade and just bliss.

Having fun over the last few days with our internet tv box, as I was thought I really needed a keyboard and mouse to control all its functions. But, out of nowhere, I found an app on the Apple Store called the XBMC official controller. I downloaded it and found a video on YouTube which showed me how to link it with the TV box.  Wow! I can now control all the functions of the box from my iPad, and bring up a virtual keyboard to type in text (useful for searching for films). The cost - nil. There are some very generous people in the XBMC world.

Becky S. returns this evening from a brief break in Paphos with her friend Alice. She flew over to Cyprus on Thursday and returns today. No doubt they both had a wonderful time. And it must have made a great break from staying with "her Olds". At least that was how were referred to on Facebook. Tomorrow we visit Gracie Towers for a Murder Mystery Evening, and who knows what other shenanigans.

The weather for Christmas Day is set fair, and we are heading to Latchi with the Gracies for lunch at Faros. And then, Boxing Day, with Scrabble, Becky planning a midday swim in fancy dress to raise money for the hospice (note: make sure the video camera is fully charged), and then Roast Pork in the middle of the afternoon. Boxing Day Night concludes with one of Becky's favourite films, Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

What a way to spend a traditional Christmas here in sunny Cyprus.

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