Monday, 8 December 2014

Mystery bug ...

I've been laid low by a mystery bug over the last day or two and it was pretty unpleasant. However all seems better today and I shall just potter around the house.

Tomorrow I am taking our friend Jill to a hospital in Paphos to collect John, who - hopefully - will be discharged. She should also get the results of the biopsy. The surgeon who removed his gall bladder last week found evidence of cirrhosis of the liver, and I just hope that it is not too bad.

Thursday brings the RoADAR meeting in Kissonerga, and an explanation of the malaise that has struck this charitable organisation. I trust that the missing money has been found and the perpetrator is in the custody of the police. Some hard questions may need to be asked.

Friday and a return to hospital with John and Jill to have his stitches removed.

And, in the near future, we shall have to try and support and  help our ex-neighbour, whose partner was found dead at the end of the last week.

Here's hoping for good news all round and a happy ending to one particular story.

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