Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Great News

I'm writing this from the Iasis Hospital in Paphos, where John and Jill have had great news this morning. John's liver biopsy shows that the cirrhosis that was identified by the surgeon last week is in the very early stages. He was told that, if he doesn't let another drop of alcohol pass his lips, it will not affect him. Brilliant news.

At the moment we are waiting to see whether the leak from the liver and bile duct clears up on its own. It is slowing down and we are all hopeful that the procedure he was facing (a stent being fitted) will not be necessary. Fingers crossed and any other bits as well.

Stormy weather was not a problem on the way down to Paphos but Ann tells me they are having a terrific thunderstorm with lightning in Argaka, but it is moving away quickly.

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