Thursday, 1 January 2015

Good, old Janus

Janus, the God of beginnings and transitions, is here and all of us here are looking forward to 2015. I suspect that Ann and I just hope that 2015 will be as enjoyable and satisfying as 2014, but for Becky S. (who, allegedly, took a swim in the pool this morning) it is a year of transitions, and therefore a new beginning.

I've always been a firm believer in looking forwards and not backwards, and I trust that Cyprus (its battered economy and with nepotism ripe at all levels of officialdom) continues making the slow and painful progress of 2014. I fear it will be years and years before the economy recovers and this will have a dramatic effect on the native population. Our attempt to help the local village community was rather handicapped by the attitude of the local British expat community, but we did raise a considerable sum nevertheless. Half of the money went to a fund which buys children's presents for the needy in Argaka, and the other half of the money will be used to purchase vouchers from the local supermarket to help those most in need.

The weather has finally stopped pretending it is autumn and there are clouds and rain in the forecast in the next ten days. But that is not to forget that we only have two more months of winter left, and then - no doubt - there will be complaints about the heat and the humidity from this who like to moan about everything.

Becky S. Returns to the UK on 23rd January, and will no doubt be delighted to catch up with her friends after spending over ten weeks with "her olds". Interesting times ahead for both her and us.

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