Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Aircon Saga ...

Drove down to Paphos this morning to try and sort out the car's aircon. The first place we went to (recommended by a friend) did not understand what we wanted and then directed us elsewhere. The second place couldn't help and we then went to a well-known aircon centre. They wanted €100-150 to investigate the problem ... I don't think so.

We then had a brainwave (sort of) and went to the Suzuki dealership. He advised us not to use them (as they are horrendously expensive) but to go to an aircon specialist they use. He rang the guy and then gave us directions on how to get there. In passing, he commented that the place wanting €100-150 was run by a "knobhead" and was the only place in Paphos which used the illegal aircon gas, outlawed some years ago.

Turning up at his recommended place, which was clean (unlike the others), busy and welcoming, we showed the owner the business card from the Suzuki dealer. We brought the car onto the forecourt and his apprentice looked at it. He said it just needed gassing, but we told him there was a leak. Out came the special goggles, and the magic torch (just like watching C.S.I. on tv) and ... there's the leak. Consultation with the boss. Don't weld the hole, but have the pipe replaced as if there is one leak there may be another in six months' time. They would make a pipe, fit it and regas the car. It would take two hours. Price ... €70.

Tomorrow morning at nine o'clock. With luck, job done.


  1. There goes my sun canopy for another month!

  2. But at least we can go for a drive to cool off ...