Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lunch with friends

This has been the week we have lunched with friends. On Monday we had lunch at The Watermill at Steni with our friends Pete and Sylvi. It was good to see them and a shock to realise we had not seen tem for months. Must do better ..

Yesterday we ventured to the Turtle Tavern (previously The Turtle Beach) and had a traditional Fish & Chip lunch with David and Letitia from Gracie Towers. Super food and, as a bonus, pints of Yorkshire Rose from Aprodite's Rock Brewery. I had forgotten how easy it is to drink English-style bitter and I suspect that, if I had not been driving, we might have still been there. One minor point is that, not for the first time, either we or our guests have had "extra" drinks added to our bill. This is just not on, and the landord's response was rather gruff when we challenged the bill. Ann the landlady, ever the professional, said it was not a problem and immediately resolved the situation and deducted the erroneous amount from David's bill. Just something to be aware of in the future.

A gentle day "in the bubble" and preparing for next weekend when yet another birthday has to be celebrated. 62 ... absolute nonsense. I feel ten years' younger than that but - of course - age is immaterial as I intend to live forever. But, there again, doesn't everybody?

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