Thursday, 25 June 2015

News from the garden ...

Ann's hard work in our back garden has started to pay real dividends. We picked the first of our peppers a week or so ago, and they were delicious. We found out how to freeze them in halves, and so the call is now for a bigger freezer. Then yesterday, after having been to pick tomatoes which we do regularly, we noticed that our chillies had turned red (or most of them). It was necessary to check out the relative hotness of them and they have some kick. The plan is for us to pick and string both red and green chillies and allow them to dry out.

Photos of this bounty are on my Facebook page. As our friend Savvas says, add water and sunshine and they will grow - and they did. We religiously water our vegetables each evening, which can be a little onerous as that is in the middle of the cocktail hour - but sacrifices need to be made. Next year we plan to grow spring onions and onions as well. Perhaps this year we got the balance wrong and planted too many peppers but, just yesterday, we noticed some of our peppers turning red. So they really were red and green pepper plants we bought. I was beginning to doubt my memory but Marinos, our lovely man at the garden centre in Agia Marina, always sees us right.

So after all this excitement it is time to get on with the rest of the day. Last night we watched The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and it was a real treat. Poignant and funny at the same time. Well worth a couple of hours of anybody's time. Guest star Richard Gere being given an acting lesson by Maggie Smith, Judy Dench and Bill Nighy (et al) was priceless.

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