Friday, 26 June 2015

Tempus fugit

As Virgil wrote, time does indeed fly and it seems to fly faster here in Cyprus than anywhere else I have been. That, of course, could be a matter of age but I don't think so. Perhaps what is most peculiar is that, to us, it really doesn't matter what day of the week it is. Of course if it is Wednesday many businesses shut and (if we forget) we have to return on another day. Such hardship.

"Le Weekend", as the French describe it, still has an allure, presumably a throwback to the time when we both went out to work. When we are thinking of inviting people for lunch it is always "Why not come over on Sunday?" When you are retired, as we were once told, every day is Sunday. But old habits die hard.

It was good to hear from our friends Pete and Sylvi the other day, who suggested meeting for a barbecue at a picnic site a few kilometres away. Miraculously neither of us suggested Sunday. It will be good to catch up with them, and share gossip and news. It is so easy to sit back and let others contact you, when - and I have to give myself a stern look in the mirror from time to time - we should be more proactive, as should our friends be.

The weather is now just about perfect for us, with lovely sunny days which are not yet too hot. We know that over July and August we shall be less active because of the heat, and that there will come that time when we have to use air con to get a decent night's sleep. And then will come the relief of September, when we can sleep with the windows open and it is so beautifully cool. At what stage Ann will want the electric blanket on the bed, only time will tell? And that is why time really does fly.

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