Monday, 14 September 2015

Air Conditioning ...

Today was, we hope, when summer's fierce heat dissipated somewhat and we were able to venture forth in the afternoon, sit in the gentle breeze and enjoy a cold glass or two. Our Cypriot friends tells us that this summer was not a really hot one, but much more humid. And so, do we use air conditioning or not?  The simple answer is ... use it when you need.

We have used air conditioning in our bedroom for the last six weeks and would not have slept comfortably without it. But we have also found, as our house faces South-west, that - to avoid hot, sweaty times - that air conditioning is vital in the late afternoon and early evening. As someone said, there's not much point in having the system unless you use it when you need it.

We are gradually coping with the sense of loss following our friend Dave's untimely death, but it is affecting us more than we realised. We see his widow, Pam, regularly, and enjoyed a lovely lunch with her and other friends on Saturday. But, my goodness, life is hard.

Tomorrow I collect Pam from Paphos, as her twin-cab was crunched  by some cretinous expat in Paphos who decided to ask whether they could settle the matter without bothering the insurance companies. Was she insured? Was she hell?

Tough times ahead but I did hear that my long-awaited Cardioversion would take place on 7th October. The lovely Doctor Agamemnon rang and confirmed my appointment at Paphos Hospital. And our friend, Pam, immediately offered to take us down. What price friendship?

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