Thursday, 17 September 2015

My Heart Bleeds ...

What a tragedy is being played out across Europe and we hate every second of it. Refugees, migrants, possible terrorist infiltrators and fences going up across Europe. And I cannot believe that the scenes on the Hungarian border will be the last we see. Fortress Europe may well become a reality.

What the decent and caring people of the wealthier parts of Europe feel will conflict with the demands of security and self-interest that many people will feel. There is no obvious answer and there is only desolation and sadness for the displaced millions who tramp northwards.

And we, in our own little bubble of sadness, look outwards and feel that it is too much to contemplate. But, we must look outwards, and continue to be a part of the western world's response to a tragedy of global dimensions.

Ironically we ignore all the tragedies occuring in other parts of the world, focussing on what is foisted  upon us by the BBC and others. So much for independent thought.

On a lighter note, we both look forward to the Rugby World Cup and England's first match against Fiji tomorrow night. What a change of focus! We worry about the future of the world, we mourn for our friend Dave, and we look forward to a rugby match. We are confused ...

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