Thursday, 31 March 2016

"Eye Eye"

Ann's eye infection was dealt with at Polis Hospital this week and once again the much-maligned health service in Cyprus came up trumps. The initial consultation with a junior doctor last week did not improve matters and so Ann returned and decided to see the lovely Doctor Z, a consultant GP there. She had a careful look, prescribed antibiotic drops and anti inflammatory ointment, and wanted to send Ann down to Paphos Hospital. Ann pulled a face and then Doctor Z told her she could be added to the list of the eye specialist who was visiting Polis on Wednesday.

Back to the hospital yesterday and waited for the eye specialist to arrive. She had a number of appointments and we suspected Ann would be last. But Doctor Z arrived, went in to see the specialist and Ann was whisked in next. A grumpy pair of expats muttered about "friends at court" and I nodded in agreement, which did nothing to improve their humour.

The new treatment brought matters to a head and the infection started to weep and leak later in the afternoon. The eye was cleaned up, the swelling much reduced and Ann feeling much better. Great personal treatment and kindness from the two ladies at the hospital, together with the right treatment. So another big "thumbs up" to the local hospital and those who work there.

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