Monday, 4 April 2016

Summer Time?

The official announcement that summer has arrived in Cyprus has arrived, courtesy of Lord Gracie of Gracie Towers, in the car park of Papantoniou's in Polis. Yes - he was wearing shorts and that is that. It was good to see my friend there, in such fine form, and looking forward to warmer days. I realised that the weather was changing, as I normally change into longer trousers and socks (and a sweater) as the sun goes down. Yesterday and today it is shorts at 21.00 and no feeling of getting cold. Cyprus - "You've got to love it."

We have had a lot of fun in the last couple of days, and picked up a Mahjong set - courtesy of the kind lady at Paphiakos in Peyia, who had seen my post some time ago about such a set. €10,00 - an absolute bargain.

We have a lovely new shower cubicle courtesy of our friend Savvas, which sets off our shower room really well. It was about twelve years ago that our house was built and we are gradually sorting things out that have aged in this unforgiving climate. But we can forgive anything as we sat beside the pool at 18.00 tonight with the temperature at about 24°C, with a cool glass or two of something to hand.

The world continues to gnaw at its entrails, and we look with a great deal of concern at what is happening outside our little bit of paradise. So much is out of our control but it saddens us nevertheless. Quo Vadis ...

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