Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A memorable occasion

Ann's birthday is only a few weeks away, and so it was time to send out the invitations. She opted for a long lunch at Moustakallis in Polis, and Andreas could not have been more helpful. The suggestion for us all to have either the fish or meat meze was inspired as that means there is no rush, and food and drink can be consumed at leisure. Sadly one of our guests, Sylvi, will still be in the UK but Pete emailed straight back to say he would attend and was looking forward to the day.

The weather should be fine, and our friends Becky and Pam will be staying with us as well - so we are looking forward to the day. Just about everyone else has replied and so the plan for Ann to have a lovely day, surrounded by her friends, is coming together.

Spring here in Cyprus disappeared as soon as it arrived, no doubt frightened off by the approaching summer. I dipped my feet into the pool the other day, and the water is much warmer than a week ago - but not quite warm enough to immerse my body in. But a couple of weeks should suffice and then it is swimming until October. For those following us out here, a private pool is the way to go. Of course it costs, but we would not be without it.

No doubt the news from the UK will do its best to depress us all, but the sun is shining, the wine is cool and life here is good.

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