Tuesday, 3 May 2016

An enigma, wrapped in a riddle ...

Last night we were sitting by the pool, having just barbecued some swordfish steaks and combining this with an avocado salad, and I don't think that life can get much better than that. Cyprus is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, and does take some getting used to - but if it is right for you, then it is to die for.

Reading the expat forums you could be forgiven in thinking that many British people hate Cyprus, Cypriots and the way of life here. I am appalled to see and hear what some of my fellow countrymen say and do. I was chatting to a Russian doctor at the hospital the other day (just getting repeat prescriptions), and she commented on how politely I had asked her to do this. I made a joke of this and told her "Of course I am polite. I'm English." She rolled her eyes and made a face. It transpired that she had had so many arrogant, rude English patients in her time there. What a pity. But, upon consideration, it is so true. A couple of years ago I was queueing up in the local supermarket, when a voice behind me announced that a "Cyp" was pushing in at the front of the queue. "These people used to know their place and they used to stand aside when Brits wanted something." Appalling, but true.

The BBC uses the blanket term "migrants" when they report on the vast movement of people moving around Europe, looking for a new home. Well, as we remind ourselves, we are immigrants in Cyprus and we moved here through choice. We have a legal right to live here, but that is not the point. I suppose it would be quite possible to make two lists - the first would contain all the things we love about Cyprus and the second the things we don't love about Cyprus. The first list would be far longer than the second, as it would be regardless of where we lived.

For those considering following us in our great adventure, there is no Shangri La at the end of the rainbow (I am awash with clich├ęs this morning). Research, research and then perhaps a little more research. The great adventure is just that ... an adventure to be lived and hopefully enjoyed. To all those expats who seem to hate Cyprus, I am quite happy to point out the road to the airport.

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