Thursday, 5 May 2016

Internet TV in Cyprus.

Of all the things that UK expats seem to miss when they move to Cyprus, it is British TV. Whether it is the football, or the soaps, or the British news, everyone hankers for that taste of "home". It used to be possible, with an enormous dish, to pick up Sky - but that is no longer the case. So what are the options?

One of the chapters of my ebook gives all the options. It is possible to stream almost any channel via the Internet to your television, but the methods are many and various. We have HD quality tv (about 150 channels, with all the sports' and movie channels) but it took a long time to get the right mixture. Many of the people we know have struggled, and still struggle, to watch high quality tv without freezing or buffering ... but it is possible at a small cost.

I shall sit down tomorrow and put together a guide but tonight ... too late and there is a good film to watch before bedtime.

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