Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Polis and Argaka beware ...

Late last night our friends Becky and Pam arrived, and no doubt Bexhill will be quieter as a result. But this will make for interesting times in Argaka, Polis and beyond as these girls know how to party. It's their third visit and we always look forward to seeing them. Whether my blogging will be put on hold until next Monday, only time will tell.

Our trusty iMac decided, after nine years, not to switch on last week and it is now at Computer SOS in Chloraka, and we wait with bated breath to see whether it is repairable. The last thing we want to do is to have to buy another computer, but we are feeling its absence at the moment.

The weather looks to be set fair for May, which is good news for our friends and their holidays. Ann's birthday on Thursday is all planned and we look forward to welcoming our friends to Moustakallis. It should be a relaxed lunch in the old style and no doubt everyone will be on their best behaviour. Sadly Peter's wife, Sylvi, will not be able to join us as she is still in the UK - but everyone else has indicated they will be there. The guest list is secret, despite the attempts of one or two friends who want to know who else will be there. The table plan is also secret until arrival, and was arrived at after considerable discussion. All sorts of "Will he have something in common with her?" discussions have taken place - whereas I just want to ensure my lovely wife has a memorable day for all the right reasons.

If you haven't been invited, if you haven't made the "cut", then you'll just have to wait until next year ...

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