Monday, 18 April 2016

Check the oil and water, Sir?

Argaka is not a large village, although it covers a surprisingly wide area. Imagine our excitement and surprise when a site opposite the bakery was levelled and a concrete base was installed. The rumour mill went into overdrive and it became clear that there was to be an Eko petrol station there. Quite useful if you need petrol and don't want to drive into Polis. Work has been proceeding and bets were taken as to how long it would take to get up and running.

And then ... lo and behold ... a second site began to be developed. What could it be? And then ... Esso flags were erected on the roadside and massive earthmoving equipment arrived. There was more heavy plant than you could shake a stick at, and it became obvious that Argaka was to have a second petrol station. Fascinating and ridiculous at the same time. I doubt whether Argaka and the surrounding villages will generate sufficient trade to support one petrol station, never mind two.

What will happen, and the betting book is not even open on this one, is that both petrol stations will charge exactly the same amount for petrol and diesel. Competition is a word that is never spoken aloud in Cyprus, it seems, but any suggestion that some cartel is in operation is ridiculed.

We shall watch and wait and see. Will there be a race to open first? Certainly Esso seem to be throwing more resources at their operation at the moment. Watch this space.

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