Monday, 11 April 2016

Incredulity strikes ...

I sometimes feel that everyone has gone mad - and events recently have convinced me that I may be right. The whole question of the EU Referendum seems to have transfixed all politicians, commentators and journalists like rabbits caught in car headlights. Cameron's tax, offshore funding, migrants storming the Channel Tunnel, razor wire fences being erected across Europe and the terrorist threat are all reminiscent of a world in panic.

It is then palpably obvious which politicians have feet of clay, and who are not up to the job. It is even more obvious when you see the bias in reporting coming from tv stations and newspapers. Subtlety - not a chance. Both sides of the campaign seem to treat their listeners and readers with utter disdain, as if they are all morons. I was chatting with my best friend via Skype last night and I could not believe how much he was echoing the views of The Daily Mail, and I then realised that all hope was gone. He is a highly intelligent businessman whom I have known for more years than I care to remember. But he is planning to vote for a BREXIT so that the UK can be saved from the waves of illegal immigrants planning to arrive on our shores. And he works for a firm who have opened up shop in the UK so they can access the European market.

After the voting is all over, especially if the vote is to leave the EU, then the UK may well be plunged into a free fall with the value of the pound plummeting. It is rather like opening Pandora's Box, because once opened - that's it. Of course my views are influenced because I am an immigrant here, and would rather like to continue living here. What would happen if the Uk leaves the EU is the great imponderable and there is nothing so worrying as uncertainty.

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