Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Is Argaka ready for this?

We were delighted to hear that Becky S. and the new man in her life, Jason (all 6'10" of him), are coming to stay with us for a week from October 8th. It has been nearly two years since she stayed with us for ten weeks, and this time it is a holiday. The weather is set fair as far as I can see, with temperatures being 31°C in the couple of days before their arrival. Let's hope the local expats can be slightly less nosey than they were last time. On one priceless occasion we were having lunch at The Watermill in Steni, with our friends John and Jill, when a local Argaka expat marched over and demanded to know whether Ann and Becky were "associated". It was just as well that we were with friends as I suspect that Ann might have read her fortune for her. Is it the sun that causes people to act and speak like that?

We celebrate the fourth anniversary of our arrival in Cyprus the day after they arrive and a small celebration may well have to take place. It will involve good, simple food and possibly small amounts of alcohol ... for toasting purposes only. In all events it promises to be a great day and the start of a good week.

The world, meanwhile, seems to be in turmoil and everywhere you look there are dark clouds gathering. It is impossible not to be affected by all of this, no matter how much we try to ignore things. The UK, of course, is still in post-Brexit euphoria and to see the half-wits Johnson and Fox blundering about in Europe and around the world, with hardly a brain cell engaged, would be laughable if it was not so sad. I read the other day that one of the new government departments set up to deal with Brexit do not have offices yet which are fit for purpose, and so they convene meetings in the local Starbucks. Amateur City anyone?

Cyprus remains an enigma, especially in the way it deals with the outside world. The reunification of the island seems as far away as ever, and only the distant dream of gas and oil wealth may cause the two sides to compromise. But it may not be in our lifetime, as entrenched hostilities are apparent around every corner. Any deal must be approved by Turkey and that regime seems as unstable as any in the world. But of course I may have to review my opinion if the USA elects Trump. If that happens then the world's problems may go up in smoke anyway.

Happy Days ...

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