Thursday, 22 September 2016

Life's too short ...

When you think what is important in life, and what is not, you never really consider the implications of the great issues facing us all. We had - just about - fallen out with friends whom we have known for three years. It all came about because they were celebrating her birthday at a restaurant we will not go to, and we made our apologies and explained why we would not be joining them. Things went from bad to worse, after a very truncated phone call on her birthday ... and that seemed to be that. But we met them by chance the other day and the end result was smiles all round and we are going there for dinner on Sunday. As Ann said, "Life's too short."

This was brought into sharp relief this morning. A week or so ago friends of ours heard that their son had had a brain haemorrhage and was in intensive care in Dubai. They flew out and have been waiting beside his bed, as he was placed in an artificially-induced coma. We heard this morning that he had been pronounced clinically dead but, under Sharia law, the life-support machine could not be switched off until his heart stopped. What an awful situation.

It is news like this that brings what is and is not important in life. To hell with silly arguments and imagined slights. Because, even though we intend to live forever, life is too short to worry about matters that are completely unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

On a lighter note Becky S. skyped Ann last night and we are hopeful that she and Jason, her new man, will be coming out to stay for a week in October. That will raise spirits and it could be an exhausting and enjoyable time. October is a lovely month to visit Cyprus, and their visit is something we are both looking forward to enormously.

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