Saturday, 28 March 2015

May you live in interesting times.

Some things never change and one of those is our habit in listening to "Sounds of the 60s" on Saturday morning on BBC Radio 2. We have listened to this homage to the great decade of pop music  ever since we met, and only rugby, cricket and Formula 1 get in the way. This morning, with the Malaysian Grand Prix qualifying session beginning half way through the "Sounds of the 60s", will break that tradition but not catastrophically so.

A dour week with the German air disaster and all the "revelations" that have been made in the media since. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the dead, and I cannot imagine what the parents of the co-pilot must be feeling.

The General Election campaign in the UK plods along, and it is certainly turning out to be a dirty campaign. Whether it is the thought of the dodgy dealings that UKIP and the SNP might get up to, if they are successful, and the sheer terror that the Tories and the Socialists might be feeling as the cosy status quo is overturned, but this is certainly a campaign that appears to not be very honourable. The sound of skeletons in the cupboard being "discovered" and dragged out into the public domain is deafening. No doubt there will be further "revelations" and probably many more newspaper stings "all in the public interest". And my, how the neutrality of the BBC has evaporated. All the closet socialists are rubbing their hands with joy at the probable demise of David Cameron and the Tories. Nobody seems to care about the Liberal Democrats (and I can be counted amongst that number).

As the Chinese curse has it, "May you live in interesting times."

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