Saturday, 17 October 2015

"Anything for the weekend, sir?"

It could only happen in Cyprus. Yesterday I was sitting in Miki's Tavern, enjoying a fresh orange juice, whilst Ann was at the hairdresser. She came across the square, and her hair looked great, and said she had been offered some British back bacon by her hairdresser. Maria also own King's Café a couple of doors down from her salon, and imports her bacon form the UK.

So, in addition to a super haircut, we now have a couple of month's supply of the most delicious bacon. I know it's delicious because Ann made bacon sandwiches this morning, and served them to me in bed with my morning coffee.

Today we belatedly celebrate our 3rd anniversary in Cyprus. There is a shoulder of pork in the oven, vegetables are prepared, I am watching the England test match against Pakistan on the TV (with the sound off) and Classic FM is on the radio. All that is needed is a glass of something cold but we have to stay up to watch the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals tonight and that means a late night. So it's all in the timing but I could murder a cold Keo right now. 

Life here can be so hard ...

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