Friday, 16 October 2015

Getting things done ...

This has been a busy few days and lots of things achieved. Life in Cyprus seems to come in waves for us. One of the joys of living here is that we do, by and large, what we want and when we want. There are obvious exceptions, like watering the garden. Fail to do that too often, and you end up with lots of dead plants.

With medical matters resolved, we have been focussing on the future. Long term plans for the house and garden (especially the garden as we live outside as far as possible), and ensuring we do things we should have done but haven't.

Making a new will, with the appropriate clauses - given the recent changes in the law in the EU - is high on the list of "must do soon", as is finally registering for tax in Cyprus. That will sever any financial ties with the UK, and which should result in a tax rebate of some size. My friend David, from Gracie Towers, is leading the way and his accountant is sorting his tax matters out for a very reasonable fee, and I think we shall follow in his footsteps. A pair of new front tyres is needed for the car and will happen in the next few days, once I motivate myself to drive down to Paphos. I can always comfort myself that, once there, the car goes into autopilot and ends up in Lidl's car park, where a few cases of Perlenbacher will be the just reward for venturing into the "big city".

This weekend will see the postponed 3rd anniversary celebration of our arrival here. A meal at home, cooked by me, will need to be carefully timed to fit in with the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals. Such excitement we could never have imagined in the old days. Cooler nights bring with them their own reward, although the days are full of sunshine and seasonal warmth. Perhaps we will toast that day in August 2012 when Ann and I finally pressed the "BUY" button to purchase one-way tickets from Gatwick to Paphos, which was one of those key moments we shall never forget.

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