Friday, 6 November 2015

24 hours later ...

This time yesterday I was settling down with Ann to have a glass of wine and watch some early evening TV when I noticed that the sight from my left eye was not as it should be. My vision was blurred in the left quarter of my sight. It was quite disconcerting. I mentioned it to Ann and she said that my left eye had been quite bloodshot for a couple of days.

The sight from my eye got slightly worse over the next ten minutes and was very blurred. To be honest it was quite frightening. Thoughts of visiting an "eye doctor" the next day (we could not quite work out which version of "opti....." it should be) were made.

Ann suggested using cotton pads and hot water and just wiping once across the bottom of the eye. After wiping once the pad should be disposed of, and a fresh one used. So the bathroom and some gentle wiping undertaken. I came back into the sitting room and, a couple of minutes later, admitted that the blurring had gone and all was back to normal.

For the next couple of hours I was surreptitiously checking my sight but all was well. This morning it was all a bad memory. Tonight, twenty-four hours later, all is well and cotton pads have been elevated to very important items to always have in the house.

Rugby tomorrow, which we are looking forward to. Cyta, our ISP, announced that they were doubling internet speeds for all their customers by the end of December, for the same price. Now there's a result and an early Christmas present.

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