Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Le Weekend

Ann and I are looking forward to going to see Cyprus play Latvia in Paphos on Saturday. International rugby for €10,00 a ticket, with free parking, is so unlike our Twickenham experiences. Let's just hope the Cypriots are fitter than they were the last time I went to watch them. One or two of their forwards were so overweight and unfit I assume they must have been on a Keo and Souvla diet. This windy weather is forecast to improve for the weekend, and a lovely sunny day is in prospect.

A Cypriot acquaintance of ours once said that "When you are retired, every day is Sunday." I'm not sure about that as it can be quite difficult to remember what day it is. You arise, make coffee and sit on the terrace in lovely warm weather and then have to pinch yourself that it is halfway through November and the temperature is still 24°C.

Making long-term plans for the garden has been fun recently and - in our wildest dreams - think what it would be like if Savvas ever manages to sort out irrigation water for the whole of our land. Apparently he has been promising to do this, according to his wife, for about ten years. As Del Boy used to say, "This time next year, Rodney, we'll be millionaires."

So this time next year ... answers on a postcard please.

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