Friday, 20 November 2015

A week is a long time ...

It's been a week, just about, since the terrible events in Paris. A fundamental shift in world security and all the horrible consequences that may follow. It has been depressing to see and hear all the comments online from the armchair strategists and the keyboard generals. If you really want to see some depressing comments, just have a look at The Daily Mail online and read any article published in the aftermath of the Paris massacres. The comments' column is full of febrile and aggressive comments, including the sensible suggestion that the West should "Nuke Mecca" to teach these Muslims a lesson.

We feel isolated here in Cyprus, although we are aware that terrorism is possible anywhere. What will happen in the coming weeks and months throughout the world God alone knows, but I hope that sanity breaks out and the awful circle of reprisals and threats and actions is somehow broken.

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