Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Citizens' Advice? Step this way ...

We seem to have been inundated recently with friends, and just people we know, needing help, support and ultimately advice. I don't know whether this is caused by the Cyprus Syndrome or the sunshine, but perfectly intelligent people seem incapable of making decisions by themselves. Of course Ann is a great listener, but there are times when this seems to be going too far.

What is irritating is when people ask for advice, which you willingly give - and then they ask every Tom, Dick and Harry they know - and you begin to doubt your sanity. If we are asked a question, to which we know the answer, then listen to what we say and get on with it. If you doubt us, then don't ask us in the first place.

As the weather heats up, I suspect that people's tolerance becomes less. There are times when the drawbridge is pulled up, the mobile phones are switched off and emails and messages are ignored. We cherish these times as we love spending time in our own company. And how many British expats are long-faced and miserable? You can see them in the bars and restaurants bemoaning the fact that they are living on an island paradise (well ... paradise is a bit strong), which they have chosen to live on and complaining about the exchange rate, the weather (What!!!) and - my own pet grievance - "The Cyps". God how I hate that term.

As the referendum debate continues to dominate the news, we are braced for the British people making the wrong decision. There are opinions aplenty here, and most of those who have decided that a break from the EU is a good thing will not be affected by the freezing of pensions, a disastrous exchange rate and the cost of living going through the roof in the UK. One self-satisfied acquaintance   announced that if the UK left the EU, then he would cross the border and live in the occupied territories ... he, of course, has a house on both sides of the green line. I can only pray that there are sufficient voters in the UK who can see a leap into the unknown may well be the worst thing the country can do.

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