Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Thursday and the big decision

Well the day has just about arrived and the same tired clichés are being regurgitated by both sides. I cannot but agree that the standard of both debate and reporting in the media has been dire, and the bias on both television broadcasts and newspapers is so apparent as to be beyond belief. Readers of this blog will know the long-standing irritation I feel about the BBC and this last couple of months has exacerbated that.

What has concerned me is the seeming inability of the man in the street to be able to rise above the inanity of the arguments and think for himself. Interviews on television seem to focus on people in dire northern towns, who all seem to support the idea of brexit, coming out with the same line as The Daily Mail and saying "It's all about immigration, innit." like pre-programmed monkeys. I do not take this point of view because their views are at variance with mine. It's almost as if they believe every word printed on the front pages of the tabloids, without pausing for thought.

Research allegedly shows that "better-educated" people favour Remain and that the so-called "working classes" favour brexit. Research ... this was an extract from The Times (that bastion of impartiality), whose readership no doubt consider themselves "better-educated". And so the brainwashing continues, the lies and half-truths from the politicians (if repeated often enough) will - they hope - be believed. And the fate of a nation hangs in the balance.

Here in Cyprus the expat forums reflect the debate in the UK, and I despair in equal measure. As an immigrant I can understand the concern people have about immigration. Cyprus is very reliant on immigrants, and "welcomes" them for the financial benefits they bring to an almost bankrupt country. Cypriots we know wistfully look back to the golden age before they joined the EU, conveniently forgetting the effect that the Communist-led government had on the affairs of the nation.

We shall arise on Friday morning and see what the electorate has decided and how it will affect our lives here. Whatever happens is outside of our control so we must hope for the best ...

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