Monday, 14 November 2016

Day 16 and counting ...

Well here we are - it's the second half of the match - and we have managed well so far. So I think, barring an absolute disaster, we shall get through our "dry month". There have been one or two times when it was a little difficult - none more so when I was sitting down to watch England v South Africa and Ann said "Do you fancy a beer?" All in good fun but it shows that habit is a real bitch sometime.

As we have observed life in the last couple of weeks, and seen the disturbed Trump elected by the American people, it has given us pause for thought. You can cut yourself off from life here in Cyprus, and thus from the rest of the world, but it will intrude from time to time. Whether Trump is the absolute nightmare his opponents suggest he will be will only become apparent in the next year. Certainly if you live in the USA and come from certain minority groups, then you will have many a sleepless night in the future. That cretin Farage has been sticking his nose in. There was a fabulous cartoon in The Times this morning showing Trump with a puppet Farage on his knee. The puppet was shouting "Don't want to get back in the box!" Priceless.

Late summer continues here in Cyprus and it is gloriously warm during the day. Certainly warm enough to potter about in shorts and t-shirts. One warning sign is the fact that Honey and Jaz have the thickest winter coats ever and have had for a few weeks now. Do they know something we don't? If we had holly bushes to check, then I'd be counting the berries on them.

Friends come and go, and it's intriguing that one couple who came to Ann's birthday lunch on May 12th have not been in touch since. Life is too short to worry about these things but it does make you think. What price true friends?

Since we have been in Cyprus, we have had Christmas at home, we have had a family Christmas at home when Becky S. was staying, we have been out to lunch on Christmas Day with people and this year we have been invited to spend Christmas Day (and stay over) by friends. Whether we shall accept their kind offer, I am not sure. Now if only it would snow ...

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