Sunday, 20 November 2016

Who would have thought it?

There are times when events take place and you look back and just cannot believe they have happened. Stoicism is sometimes not enough and you lie back and think of the consequences, which are still outside of your control.

Events around the world beggar belief, whether it is what is happening in Aleppo to the poor civilians there, to political posturing in the USA, Europe, Russia and myriad other countries too numerous to mention. The self-inflicted wound that is Brexit has still not dawned on the unthinking masses in the UK, and the other 27 nations in Europe harden their attitude towards the British as they ponder how to stop any other countries planning to leave the EU.

Life in Cyprus, and the matters reported in the press, seem less important even though they directly affect us. The Cypriot President and the Turks continue to dance around the main issues which may - and only may - lead to a resolution of the Cyprus problem. Too many vested interests, too many stuffed mattresses, too many with too much to lose, all militate against a solution being found. The Cypriot economy continues to teeter on the verge of bankruptcy and the amateurish musings of the politicians have to be seen to be believed.

Of course we could - self-indulgently - smile and say "This is Cyprus" but I am less inclined to do so as we enter our fifth year here. We both want our new country, where we have our home, to flourish and prosper. And I would love to see the democratic process mature and for those in government to consider the people rather than themselves. But, there again, you could say that for many other countries as well. The UK, for example, is the prime example of a democracy served by politicians whose main priority is "me, myself and I". So where does that leave us now? The sun is shining and I may well go and sit by the pool and think about it ...

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