Monday, 28 November 2016

I can see the finishing line ...

I'm not sure we thought we would get to the finishing line but the end of the month beckons. There have been times when, through force of habit more than anything else, a drink would have been good. But good sense prevailed and our month is up on Wednesday. That is because we began this dry month on 30th October.

At times like this you consider your habits, and drinking alcohol is certainly a habit and a pleasurable one at that. You feel relaxed and at ease with your fellow man (well, most of them anyway) and a warm glow is always welcome. Part of this is the "holiday mode" that many of us feel when living in Cyprus, which - despite warnings to the contrary - we are still in after four years or so. In the warmer months, a cold beer or a glass or two of wine seems almost as much of outdoor living as wearing shorts and t-shirts.

In any event, we are there and feeling pretty pleased with ourselves. Perhaps the most irritating time of the last month came with the radio advertisement on ClassicFM about drinking whisky. This self-satisfied and arrogant prat was extolling the virtues of some whisky or other, and when and where to drink it. Was it beside the fire, or at the club, or ... but it was irritating nevertheless. If he had been on television that would have been another reason to put a boot through the screen.

We are promised rain tomorrow and for the next two or three days, and that will make a pleasant change. In our time here we have always experienced heavy rain in October and November, as well as sunny days. But this year, and after a searingly hot summer, we have had one downpour and that lasted a couple of hours in the middle of the night. So an unusual year for us, and I am sure the garden and the dams will welcome whatever rainfall we have.

The farce that is the current government continues apace and there is no greater figure of fun and foolishness than Boris Johnson. The damage this buffoon is doing to Britain's reputation abroad is beyond belief. I stare and stare into my crystal ball and still cannot believe that the country will go over the cliff edge (the Prime Minister's expression) of Brexit. One of my cats has just climbed onto the sofa and has been reading this blog. She is slowly shaking her head ... and if she is doing that, what are the people with half a brain cell doing?

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