Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hard Times

It will come as no surprise to people who know Cyprus that it is a very hard country. Every surface in the home is hard and dropping things will have only one result - CRASH, BANG, WALLOP. Equally the land and the villages and towns are equally hard. Slip or trip and your landing will be very hard and painful.

Of course we take care but this does not stop breakages. We have recently been aware what would happen if we broke a wine glass next to the pool. It would involve draining the entire pool to clear up the glass and then refilling the pool, with all the attendant chemical balance to achieve. So plastic glasses have to be the order of the day.

A trip to Paphos for shopping was fun, and Lidl's was incredibly quiet. Of course we forgot the tinned tomatoes, which were on the list, but that's life.

The tiny flies which are driving many people to distraction appear to breed in the wheat, which is due for harvest. So, with bated breath, this irritant will be removed from our outdoor life. We cannot remember these little pests in the last two years, but they are everywhere. Savvas, our good friend, was using a pressure hose to clear up after cutting back weeds from a path and found his ears and mouth and nose to be filled with these little beasts. Enraged he turned the hose on them, and was incredulous to find them unmoved by the jet. "They just came back. Bloody Hell."

In any event we await their disappearance so that life outdoors can go on as normal. This week we go into Polis for "Dancing in the Streets" with our friends John and Jill. Only time will tell whether we actually dance in the streets.

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