Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Irony that is Cyprus

We've got to the stage when we have boiling hot water from the solar panels and we are turning down the temperature in the shower because it is getting hotter. Within the month we shall be complaining that cold showers (which we need five or six times a day) are too warm, but when we get to December we shall be moaning that the solar panels are not producing enough hot water until mid-afternoon.

Sadder is the case that a local supermarket (P**********s) is putting pressure on a Cypriot brewer to stop selling to a local shop at their previously agreed price. We have been buying 12 x 63cl bottles of Keo for a few months at €11,75 a case, but recently they have had no stock. I had a chat with the owner and he explained that the supermarket had been pressurising Keo to force them to sell their Keo at €14,50 a case (the same price as the supermarket). To hell with competition.

Rather sad ... but a snapshot of an island which does not encourage competition. I shall buy my Keo from the local shop, and would rather walk over hot coals than buy from P**********s.

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