Saturday, 2 May 2015

International Rugby in Cyprus

Just heading off to Paphos with my chum, David, to watch Cyprus v. Lithuania. So different to going to Twickenham as we park (free parking) just outside of the main gate, wander up and pay €5,00 or €6,00 and sit where we want. As Cyprus holds the world record for the greatest number of consecutive victories in international rugby (I believe some team called the All Blacks are second), we await the onslaught with excitement.

There is a breeze here in Argaka and, as the temperature in the shade is about 24°C, I trust the players in Paphos enjoy the same conditions.

Yesterday a fabulous lunch and very relaxed afternoon at Gracie Towers, and tomorrow we are at Pomos to have lunch with John and Jill. I never realised doing nothing could be so exhausting.

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