Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Community Values ...

I have been appalled by the latest "outcomes" of the Greek tragedy, with the sense of community in the EU totally absent. The Greeks, who must share a great deal of the blame for their current predicament, are on their knees and many of the EU states seems more concerned to show their virility than to suggest an outcome.

Greece will never pay back what it owes, and the enormous debt will just grow and grow. In a very few years this situation will return to haunt all of Europe, and Greek debt will again be the focus of this "community". When you look at the figures involved, the new bailout will - in the main - be used to pay interest on the loans already made. Self-serving financial institutions seem to rule the roost and damn the ordinary people who will suffer the yoke for generations to come. Eventually Greece will leave the Euro, and the EU (and the debt will be written off) and probably sink into the abyss of a third world state.

On a more positive note it was good to see my friend David over a couple of bottles of Keo on Saturday, and put the world's problems to rights. It was not good to see beggars in and around Polis, who came up to me in the Royal Café to ask for money. It always makes me uncomfortable to be asked for money, but I will not submit to their requests. As I was leaving I mentioned the beggars to one of the lovely girls who worked there, but she said if she told them to leave there would be a fight. On my way back to the car I saw the girl who had asked for money, with two others, being ushered into the back of a van to - undoubtedly - try their luck elsewhere.

Ann's toe is showing some improvement and that is a relief. Yesterday's very hot weather (it measured 36°C in the shade) makes it difficult for all and she is reluctant to get in the pool because of having to rebandage the toes. Roll on Sunday when she should be able to remove the bandages and live life normally. Tonight we have been invited to celebrate Antonia's birthday at Miki's Tavern. It is two years to the day when we celebrated her 50th birthday and happened to meet John and Jill from Pomos, who have become very good friends. We feel privileged to be asked as the four of us will probably be the only English people there, as we are when we go to celebrate Miki's Name Day.

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