Thursday, 9 July 2015

Public or Private Health Care?

We are fortunate to be covered, thanks to Ann being in receipt of an UK State Retirement Pension, by the Cypriot health care arrangements and even more fortunate to live close to Polis Hospital. We find the care there to be exemplary, hamstrung as they are by staff shortages and financial need. But, sometimes, we need to have alternatives.

About ten days ago Ann had an altercation with a supermarket trolley and the trolley won. She has been in pain ever since and finally agreed to go to the hospital. A GP had a look, and decided to send her for an X-Ray. There was a consultation with another doctor and they thought the toe was dislocated. Pathos General Orthapedic Department beckoned and Ann and I were not keen to enter that scrum. David from Gracie Towers wrote graphically about their experience there and so we decided to make alternative arrangements.

We paid a visit to Polis Medical Centre, a private clinic, and we were told the Orthapedic surgeon would be there in half an hour or so. We returned and Ann went in immediately for a consultation. The end result was an immediate procedure under local anaesthetic, and immobilisation of the offending toe. Charming and very competent surgeon, trained in Germany, whose confidence went a long way to ensuring Ann was calm and pain-free.

My goodness we were so glad to have made that decision. For a grand total of €80,00 Ann's toe was sorted with the minimum of hassle. He gave us his mobile number in case we needed to ask his advice. I was shown how to immobilise the toe, when the dressing needed changing. We have no private medical insurance and this showed how the system can work in tandem with the Cypriot health care. My consultant at Polis Hospital fully understood why we were going privately, especially as they do not use an anaesthetic at Paphos for this procedure. But, as she said, if you go privately all these things are available.

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