Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The day after ...

Tuesday morning has arrived after a very good Monday. A couple of hours sleep in the afternoon left Ann and I raring to go, and off to Peristerona for Dave's birthday party. I was surprised to see balloons and streamers indicating that it was his 65th birthday, as I thought that milestone was years ago. Just kidding, Dave.

In any event a lovely, lovely evening. Dave and Pam's younger daughter, Anne, was there and an old friend of theirs, Neil (inexplicably referred to as Wayne by my dear wife) was visiting. Pete and Sylvi, and David and Letitia, were already there and the bar had been opened. All sorts of excitement as the gas barbecue did not want to fire up, and the last arrivals Alan and Alison were put on standby to fetch fish and chips for twelve if all else failed. A change of regulator and the barbecue was into action.

It is always interesting meeting people for the first time (unless of course you find you can't stand them) but Alan and Alison were great fun, and added greatly to the evening's entertainment. It seems they have the outlook which will make them successful residents, bearing in mind that they only arrived last Thursday. It was fortunate that Dave and Pam had stocked the bar so well, as Alan was always there when I went to replenish my drink. Oh ... I suppose that means that I was a frequent visitor to the bar as well.

At about midnight the party broke up, and the time seemed to have flown by. I trust we didn't disturb the neighbours as we meandered off to our various homes. No we didn't as Dave and Pam, like us, do not have any neighbours to disturb. Neighbours can be very overrated. So with both Dave and David being grass widowers for the next four weeks, who knows what high jinks will happen?

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