Monday, 3 August 2015

Ann to the rescue ...

When I went onto the terrace for my morning cup of coffee, I spotted an intruder in our swimming pool. Occasionally we get dead mice or spiders but this intruder was alive. It was a large, black and white pigeon floating towards the deep end. Ann came out to see what was going on and we first of all decided to get it back to dry land.

Of course there is always a problem and it became obvious a few seconds later. Honey and Jaz, our lovely cats, were in residence and might well have wanted to "help". So doors and windows shut we took the pigeon, still in the pool net, and laid it down out of sight of the windows and hoped against hope it might dry out from its waterlogged state. I had to drive into Polis but Ann stayed on guard.

After I returned we noticed the pigeon had left the net and was wandering slowly around, spreading its feathers. More in hope than expectation we left it to its manoeuvres. Honey had somehow escaped and Ann had to fire a warning shot across her bows with the hose. And then, obviously a pigeon with Special Needs, it wandered back into the garden, not once but twice. On each occasion Ann persuaded it to return from whence it came.

And then, to all round astonishment, Ann saw a black and white shape cross her line of vision ... in the air ... and the pigeon was away and free. As long as he escapes Dick Dastardly and his crew, all should be well.

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