Saturday, 22 August 2015

If you want to gossip, prepare to take the consequences ...

Since my friend Dave's death, I have been working on a post entitled "In Memoriam ... Dave Travis" and I have been finding it pretty difficult. I am never at a loss for words but sometimes words fail me.

The expat community in this corner of Cyprus has been working overtime to come up with theories, gossip, and generally unpleasant comments about the death of our friend. We have both heard such ridiculous details and suggestions that I am literally speechless as to how uncaring and uncouth some people can be.

Ann and I have been "in the bubble" for the last couple of weeks as we really don't want to go out and hear the absolute load of bollocks that are being spread by people who neither knew or cared for Dave. I have lost count of the number of times people we know and even people we consider as friends who have said he was speeding or drunk as a lord or whatever. Sadly the only people who know the truth are Dave and perhaps the tractor driver with whom he was in collision.

So fair warning to all and sundry ... just stop the gossip and the rumour-mongering because it is upsetting us and God alone knows what effect it will have on Pam and her daughters. If you wish to continue then let this be a warning to you. If I hear any more malicious gossip then I may just be tempted to knock your teeth down your throat.

Just let our dear friend Rest In Peace.

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