Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Greetings ...

A lot of our friends have returned to the UK, or more exotic parts, for Christmas and we are busy preparing for our celebrations. In many ways this has been a fairly bruising year (as regular readers of this blog will understand) but we are looking forward to 2016 with unquenchable optimism.

Christmas shopping was just about finalised on Sunday when we, with tales of queues and lack of shopping trolleys in the back of our mind, drove down to Paphos. Lidl's managed to provide us with a number of items on our list and then our first visit to Kolios Butchers. What a lovely shop and we were delighted with the welcome we received and the quality of what we bought. So many of our friends have recommended this shop but we never got round to dropping in. I am afraid Pambos, in Polis, shot themselves in the foot by being so vague about the availability of meat we wanted to order and buy just before Christmas.

When Ann and I first got together and moved to a small village in Kent, I used to drive back to Hawkhurst to Wood's - a real butcher - for our meat. Yes, of course, it cost more but the quality was tangible. Having visited Kolios, we realised what we had been missing.

In any event, we are just about to retire "into the bubble" to enjoy our festive season. We shall see all our missing friends in the early part of the New Year, and hopefully Becky S. as well, but will take this opportunity to wish you all a marvellous Christmas and a truly memorable 2016.

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