Thursday, 3 December 2015

Harman Kardon Soundsticks

Many years ago, when I met Ann, I bought her an iPod for her commuting and that opened a whole new world of mobile music for us. At our first Christmas, I think, I bought her a set of Harman Kardon Soundsticks so that we could enjoy the digital music at its best.

Over the years we have bought new kit and more modern iPods and iPhones, and the Soundsticks were relegated to the cupboard. When we left our pub, when we had bought out large HDMI TV, we took that with us. Great picture but, as with many LCD TVs, poor sound. Recently I set up an Android TV box at a friend's house and appreciated the sound through her external speakers.

So, on a cool day, I unearthed the Soundsticks but couldn't see how to connect them to our TV. But, after fiddling around, and with Ann's help, we linked up our system to the TV. The result ... ok but not brilliant. However Ann suggested that we plug our Soundsticks into a headphone port and ... BINGO.

Putting the TV on mute, and switching on the Soundsticks, the irritating hum disappeared and then ... brilliant cinema sound. Bass coursing through the the building, great stereo and a whole new experience of watching TV and movies and streaming music. Brilliant ...

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