Monday, 7 December 2015

Winter Sunshine

We are currently blessed with blue skies and unbroken sunshine in our corner of Cyprus, although it is a little chilly after the sun goes down. My shorts have been placed at the back of the wardrobe - only to be unearthed for especially hot days. But one week into "winter" and all is warm and well.

Checking the stats on my blog I see that I am just a handful of views away from 10, 000 page visits and that is something I never dreamed of back when I started on this project. 

Ann is off to play Mahjong this afternoon with another couple of members of Polis Book Club and this may well prove an interest for the winter.

If only there was a slot car club here. I think the only one on Cyprus is at least 100 km away. Oh well, that's the price of living in paradise ...

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