Thursday, 17 December 2015

Wet or dry?

For years I have had sensitive skin and shaving has always been something of a pain - sometimes quite literally. My Philips shaver had a built-in attachment to dispense Nivea moisturiser on the skin before shaving and this seemed for a long time to alleviate the rash or burn I used to feel when I shaved.

The Philips shaver was on its last legs, and the difficulty in getting any supplier to send the moisturiser to Cyprus - Amazon categorised the moisturiser as a biohazard for goodness' sake - meant that a new shaver was needed. To replace the Philips shaver was going to cost over £150 and that is silly money for a shaver in my opinion. Much research was done and the answer for sensitive skin seemed to be an electric wet and dry shaver.

After many hours reading reviews, the Braun Series 3 (3080) seemed to offer what I wanted but the price was still high. Amazon was offering them at £119.99 and that's still quite a hefty price tag. But "Black Friday" was approaching and I stalked the Amazon site relentlessly. It was reduced in the run-up to "Black Friday" to about £62, and then it featured in their "lightning sales" section - but you could only find out the price if you logged on at 22.00. So I waited and waited and logged on. £38 was the price and I snaffled one at that price.

Something of a delay with delivery, as I blogged the other day, but delivery was achieved on Monday of this week. On Tuesday I tried a dry shave, without discomfort, and achieved a very satisfactory result. I then bought some Nivea shaving gel (0% alcohol, as recommended) yesterday and - looking like Father Christmas with his white beard - I stepped into the bathroom. A few minutes' later, I had finished. It was the closest shave I have ever achieved with an electric shaver, and almost as good as the wet shave I had in Goa. Silky smooth and no rash, no sensitivity and just great.

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