Tuesday, 12 July 2016

"May" the force be with you ...

Life becomes more interesting by the day here with the coronation of a new PM, elected without reference to the electorate. One could argue that the last thing the UK needs is a general election but I remember the cries from the Tories when Tony Blair handed on the baton to Gordon Brown, and there was no mandate as he was not chosen by the electorate.

STOP PRESS: the BBC has announced there will be a parliamentary debate on a second referendum on September 5th as a result of the petition signed, allegedly, by four million people. Quo Vadis?

Mike and Wendy have departed after their surprise visit. What a lovely surprise that was but a shock to the system. If any other friends are planning to surprise us, just be aware that we are easily shocked.

Our Cypriot friends are telling us that they are suffering from the heat, but we are surviving with a combination of air conditioning, the pool (especially after the sun has gone down) and cold Keo. Long live the Cyprus dream ... We are loving it.

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