Sunday, 24 July 2016

Taking myself seriously ... Oops ...

This weekend I have been in danger of taking myself too seriously and I have had to give myself a good talking to in the mirror. Fortunately my lovely wife Ann is here to ground me and to stop this becoming a regular occurrence.

Social media was the problem as I got annoyed with some woman on Facebook, who accused me of things I did not do. In more enlightened and relaxed times (that's almost all of the time in Cyprus), I should have smiled, laughed and let it go. But not yesterday. I bit ... once ... twice ... hard. It is easy to coruscate people of very little brain, and so I did. Buoyed by public opinion, rather like the gladiator in the arena, I ploughed on and only this morning did I sit back and think it was all rather silly.

On a serious note, life in Cyprus is not for those who take things too seriously. We smile at some drivers and their predictable faux pas on the roads, we burst out laughing when we have made a special journey somewhere to find that everything is shut, we look indulgently at the antics of others (Cypriots and expats) and think "This is Cyprus". And long may that attitude continue.

The world is of course enduring serious times. The terrorist outrages, the thought of that maniac Trump in the White House, Syria, the possibility of civil war in Turkey, France, Germany, the economic disaster that may be around the corner because of BREXIT ... the list goes on. It is all outside of our control and, whatever we do or think, we cannot influence events. Stoicism is the answer and, the combination of this Greek philosophy together with the beauty of life here in Cyprus, will carry us through.

And so a relaxed Sunday it is. We were up very early to do a month's shopping in the local supermarket, and for those not yet living in Cyprus the reality of shopping in August when all the Nicosians invade this corner of the island will soon hit home. A useful tip is to take a cool box with you as your meat may well be off by the time you unpack at home, and frozen goods ... surprisingly they are no longer frozen. Of course there is the added bonus of the chiller aisles and the air conditioning - until you walk into the great outdoors and wonder why you chose to retire to the sun.

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