Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Update to Polis Hospital story ...

Articles in English language online newspapers report that the Health Minister will make an announcement today or tomorrow on his plans to resolve the crisis at Polis and Paphos hospitals. It is reported that the wards will reopen at Polis with new GPs and a cardiologist, and that a review of the work of the radiology and laboratory departments will take place.

Of course all sorts of things appear in newspapers, in countries all around the world, which are patched together by lazy journalists from rumours and half-truths. If it is true that the situation can be resolved to the benefit of residents in this area, that will be great news. The two demonstrations were each attended by a couple of hundred people, and I wished there had been a couple of thousand there.

Protests do appear to work, and the government has backed down on any number of proposals when the unions (and everybody in Cyprus appears to have their own union) stand up for their members' rights. Perhaps the expat community should have their own union, and threaten to boycott Keo if they do not get their own way. Boycott Keo ... now that's possibly a step too far.

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