Saturday, 30 July 2016

Surprising stuff ...

Well this blog post was about to be about the recent discovery of Harpies in Polis Chrysochous, as evinced by the Facebook postings regarding my opinion of the current state of play at Polis Hospital. As I said on Facebook, I have an inbuilt distrust of politicians (coming from the UK that is hardly surprising) but the pure vitriol of the opinions expressed by these "ladies" was quite unbelievable.

And so I decided to leave them to it and I was wondering what to write about, when I discovered something quite astonishing. There have been a lot of visitors to this blog in the last week. As expected there were lots of visits from Cyprus and the UK, but they were dwarfed by the number of visitors from ... Russia. Hundreds and hundreds of visits. Now this means that I am either being spied on by the Kremlin, or that Russians have a genuine interest in what is happening in Cyprus at the moment - and perhaps in this region of Cyprus in particular. In any event to people of all nationalities, thank you for reading my blog. You are all welcome, unless of course you are a lover of Harpies.

Free speech is important to all of us who have been brought up in the western democracies, and long may it continue. But there must be a line between free speech, and online insult and bullying. And this is where I take issue with all the trolls on the Internet, the keyboard warriors (especially those who hide behind the cloak of anonymity) and the Harpies of Polis. If you don't like what I write, and this was what I considered to be in the public interest, then don't read it. Facebook is, of course, an open forum and I suppose you are entitled to your opinion (reasonably put, of course). Whereas my blog is mine and I will write what I want, when I want and without fear or favour. And if you Harpies visit, and don't like what I am writing, then "go forth and multiply".

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